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Apr 18, 2018 · Han Solo and Lando Calrissian are walking complications. When they tangle, they really tangle. When they’re friends, it gets even worse. In the new Star Wars novel Last Shot, now in stores, author Daniel José Older sets out to unravel their histories with a time-hopping tale of long-ago crimes

It’s a very special day when Peter and his friends go to Grandpa’s to see his toys. And before they know it, they find themselves magically shrinking to toy size!

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Let me first begin by saying this is the most compelling article I have read to date. Those mind-blowing observations about the “misfit” toys really got me thinking.

“Super Troopers 2” manages to be funny quite a bit of the time, but the word “funny” needs an asterisk next to it,warning that the laughs might carry guilt

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Our review of the new horror B-movie Mom and man from Crank director Brian Taylor, starring Nicolas Cage as a murderous man.

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Providing Basic Fun key chains & Just For Laughs keychains. Also many other cool keychains, novelties and toys.

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Susan laughs, she sings. she rides, she swings. She gets angry, she gets sad, she is good, she is bad Told in rhyme, this story follows Susan through a …

We had a plan to deal with a blackmailer. As they say

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